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Bonsai tools

All Hand-made Bonsai Trimming Scissors Large (KANESHIN) " Length 180mm " No.35G

All Hand-made Trimming Scissors Large (KANESHIN) " Length 200mm No.38D

Bonsai stainless surgical tweezers "KANEAHIN" “Length 230mm

Bonsai scissors made in Japan KANESHIN

Bonsai scissors made in Japan KANESHIN

Bonsai tweezers KANESHIN

Bonsai stainless surgical tweezers No.64HJ

Pruning scissors for cutting a bud  No.95D

Bonsai Hemp brush(Coco brush,Broom)

Bonsai tweezers Kaneshin

bud cutting scissors Made in Japan KANESHIN

Bonsai Hemp brush (Coco brush broom)

Bonsai tool case SmallWeight 350g No.1504

Bonsai Grafting Knife - right hand - Length 200mm No.70D

Bonsai Grafting Knife - right hand - "Length 205mm " No.70E

Bonsai tool case

Bonsai grafting knife

Grafting knife

Bonsai turn table made in Japan

Bonsai working turn table made in Japan

Hiroki Miura Bonsai craftsman (Artist)

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Masashi Nishimura
4th generation of Kaneshin cutlery Mfg


We are sure our brand "KANESHIN" produces some of the highest quality tools in the world. This is because our products are made by craftsmen who have made our scissors and other tools for decades. It is very difficult to acquire the techniques we use.  

Our veteran craftsmen are teaching our next generation of younger workers who have been with us for about 10 years the techniques of grinding the edges and forming the tools.
  At the moment, our veterans are still far superior to our younger workmen.

But, with time and experience, they will learn the difficult skill of grinding the edges as well.As you can see, it takes decades to learn the skills and become proficient in creating high quality cutting edges. KANESHIN tools are made by such people.I am proud of such craftsmen, and want the world to know that our products are made by such skilled people. If you give us the opportunity, I am certain you will feel the difference between KANESHIN tools and others.

Bonsai exhibition and sale in Japan

21th June 2023

While supplies last】Alminum wire 100g roll ”ellipse type"
While supplies last】Alminum wire 100g roll
While supplies last】 Net for soil seive 1mm

New products

【While supplies last】Working turn table (Plastic)


Bonsai Jin Chisel (KANESHIN) " No.87L(87L)

16th June 2023

【While supplies last 】Bonsai jin chisel

【While supplies last 】Bonsai jin chisel -Blue steel - 4mm No.650

11th June 2023
While supplies last
Bonsai Chisel - round handle - No.26521

6th June 2023
New products

Okatsune bonsai scissors "Weight 200g" No.206B

Bonsai stainless tweezers

Bonsai branch cutter

Bonsai branch cutter

Bonsai branch cutter mini

Branch cutter mini with spring

bonsai pliers

Stainless bonsai tool set

bonsai curving trimming scissors

bonsai knuckle cutter

Copper watering can for bonsai

bonsai tweezers

bonsai branch cutter

bonsai scissors

bonsai knuckle cutter

bonsai wire cutter


bonsai root cutter

bonsai branch splitter

bonsai tweezers

bonsai saw

bonsai grafting knife

bonsai root cleaner

bonsai scissors

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Bonsai Buddy-Tape"New Medel" Film for grafting and budding "Weight 180g"(2723)
2,300 YEN
Copper Wire 1kg roll "Weight 1450g"(148_1)
3,300 YEN
Spare of mesh for No.125A,125B.127A,127B "Weight 200g (including carton)" No.1276(1276)
300 YEN
Bonsai watering Nozzle " Weight - Size 330mm : 300g No.125A / Size 545mm : 1000g No.125B - "(1250)
2,000 YEN
Tree Sealer "Top Jin M patse" 100g No.1558 / 200g No.1556(1558)
900 YEN
1 Prong Root Hook – Full Tang – (KANESHIN) “Length 210mm / Weight 143g” No.56(560)
2,400 YEN
This is the root hook This is a tool for loo...
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