Before and after transplanting Goyoumatsu

五葉松 植え替え 盆栽


Bonsai craftsman "Hiroki Miura"

Bonsai craftsman , Bonsai artists , Hiroki Miura

Details of contents of Miura Baijuen

After receiving ascetic training under Yukio Hirose of Yamato-en in Kanagawa Prefecture,
Mr. Hiroki Miura has been taking active part in enlightenment and diffusion of Bonsai culture
as the second-generation owner of Miura Baijuen, a leading traditional Bonsai nursery in Kansai region.
At present, he actively hosts Bonsai classes not only in Japan but also in various overseas countries.

He is one of the leading bonsai craftsman in Japan. He also appears regularly in Bonsai magazine "KINDAI BONAI".

Executive Director of Japan shouhin bonsai association from 2015 to now.

All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association (Public Corporation) certified instructor.
NHK Culture Center instructor.

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1) Before transplanting Goyoumatsu

2) Transplantation Goyoumatsu (1)


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Net for the bottom of pot 5pcs No.157LL

Size : 200 * 300mm

Hole : 3mm

5 sheets are packed.


ç??æ ½é??å?·ã  å??å?¥ã??ã  3ç?¹çµ?ã?¿ã  ã?¹ã??ã?³ã?¬ã?¹è£½ã  No.151

Stainless Soil Scoops  3pcs set  No.151


3) Transplantation Goyoumatsu (2)

ç??æ ½ç?¨é«?ç´?竹ç?­ã  ã ?竹ç¿?ã ?

This is a bamboo charcoal for bonsai.

You mix bamboo charcoal and bonsai soil.

Doing only this helps the soil's quality rise.


4) Transplantation Goyoumatsu (3)

5) Transplantation Goyoumatsu (4)

6) After transplanting Goyoumatsu


盆栽作家、三浦裕貴 兼進刃物 コラボ企画