Before and after working Goyoumatsu

盆栽 五葉松 改作 三浦培樹園 三浦 裕貴



Bonsai craftsman "Hiroki Miura"

Bonsai craftsman , Bonsai artists , Hiroki Miura

Details of contents of Miura Baijuen

After receiving ascetic training under Yukio Hirose of Yamato-en in Kanagawa Prefecture,
Mr. Hiroki Miura has been taking active part in enlightenment and diffusion of Bonsai culture
as the second-generation owner of Miura Baijuen, a leading traditional Bonsai nursery in Kansai region.
At present, he actively hosts Bonsai classes not only in Japan but also in various overseas countries.

He is one of the leading bonsai craftsman in Japan. He also appears regularly in Bonsai magazine "KINDAI BONAI".

Executive Director of Japan shouhin bonsai association from 2015 to now.

All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association (Public Corporation) certified instructor.
NHK Culture Center instructor.

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1) Goyoumatsu before working



2)  Cutting the branch

ç??æ ½é??å?·ã  å??æ??å??ã  ï¼?å?¼é ²ä½?ï¼?ã  å¤§ã  å?¨é?·205mmã  NO.3A Length               : 205mm
A blade of length : 25mm


3)Cutting the branch
ç??æ ½é??å?·ã  æ ¹å??ã  ï¼?å?¼é ²ä½?ï¼?ã  ä¸­ã  å?¨é?·210mmã  NO.13A Although No.13 is root cutter, it is also used to cut the branch.

             : 180mm
A blade of length :  11mm




4)  Cutting small branch


ç??æ ½é??å?·ã  ã??ã?¤ã??é??ã  ï¼?å?¼é ²ä½?ï¼? - é??é?¼ -ã  å¤§ã  å?¨é?·180mmã  No.35D Length :  180mm
A blade of length : 39mm



5)  Removing the old leaves

ç??æ ½é??å?·ã  ã?¹ã??ã?³ã?¬ã?¹ã  ã??ã?³ã?»ã??ã??ã  ç?¢å??ã  å?¨é?·127mmã  No.663 1) There tweezers have a sharp point.Therefore, you can also use them for cutting a bud.

2) The tip is made a precisely. And so you can catch any kind of small thing. And these tweezers are most suitable for work to remove a weed of the moss.

3) These tweezers are hard to be rusted because they are made of stainless.





6) Interim Report

7) Putting the tree sealer on the cut end

ç??æ ½é??å?·ã  ã??å??å?¤ã  Bonsai craftsman "Mr.Hiroki Miura of Miura baijuen is using Yugou-zai .

50g No.153C

100g No.153D

8) Wiring Goyoumatsu

ç??æ ½é??å?·ã  ç?¼ã??é??ç·?ã ?ä½³ç?±æ?¶ï¼?ã??ã??ã??ï¼?ã ?ã  50g / 100g / 200g / 500g /1kg Bonsai master "Mr.Hiroki Miura of Miura baijuen is using Copper wire "Cayuca" to wire Akamatsu.















9)After working