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Collaboration of Mr.Hiroki Miura and Kaneshin

Bonsai craftsman Hiroki Miura

It is a collaboration project with a bonsai Craftsman!
It is a plan to let Mr.Hiroki Miura, one of the leading bonsai artists representing Japan, use KANESHIN tools and do all the work related to bonsai.

Please see Mr. Miura's technique and work according to the season.
Please see how to use the bonsai tool and the sharpness of this tool.

I will update it irregularly. It will be updated about 2 to 3 times a year, but I am planning to make various videos.
Please look forward to it.



Bonsai craftsman "Hiroki Miura"

Bonsai master Mr.Hiroki Miura

Details of contents of Miura Baijuen

After receiving ascetic training under Yukio Hirose of Yamato-en in Kanagawa Prefecture,
Mr. Hiroki Miura has been taking active part in enlightenment and diffusion of Bonsai culture
as the second-generation owner of Miura Baijuen, a leading traditional Bonsai nursery in Kansai region.
At present, he actively hosts Bonsai classes not only in Japan but also in various overseas countries.

He is one of the leading bonsai craftsman in Japan. He also appears regularly in Bonsai magazine "KINDAI BONAI".

Executive Director of Japan shouhin bonsai association from 2015 to now.

All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association (Public Corporation) certified instructor.
NHK Culture Center instructor.

Facebook : facebook.com/hiroki.miura.33449?fref=ts




About "Shohin -Bonsai"

Japanese Shouhin bonsai (small bonsai )

I think that "Shouhin-Bonsai" is a word which you have heard for the first time. To put it simply, Shouhin Bonsai means small bonsai.But,shouhin-bonsai has a definition.

Shouhin-bonsai is a bonsai of size up to 20 cm in height.

In recent years, the popularity of small bonsai has been increasing as an interior and their ease of use.The charm of "Shouhin-Bonsai" is how small bonsai can express the magnificence of nature in its height of 20 cm
There are many things that exceed 1 million yen . Of course there are many things that the price is reasonable.In addition, small bonsai is decorated at the exhibition like the image on the left.

About "Miura Baijuyen"

Bonsai miura baijuen

Details of contents of Miura Bijuen

Miura Baijuen, established in 1970, engages its business in the sale of Shohin Bonsai and Bonsai accessories such as tools, pots, tables and Suiseki to Bonsai lovers, in an environment that is rich with nature.

They grow various types of Bonsai from conifer Bonsai such as Kuromatsu (Japanese black pine) and Shinpaku (Chinese Junipers) to lovely decidous trees (fruiting trees and flowering trees) such as Momiji (Japanese maple), Hime-Ringo(Chinese apple) and Sakura (Japanese cherry), in our Bonsai nursery blessed with an abundance of nature.

MIURA-BAIJU-YEN (111 Nose-cho,Toyono-gun, Osaka-fu.)

Website : http://miurabaijuen.com/index.htm

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Facebook : 

Please click the following image.You can see the movie that Mr.Miura is working.

黒松 芽切前 三浦培樹園 三浦 裕貴

真柏 改作前 三浦 裕貴 三浦培樹園


百日紅 芽切前

盆栽 楓 芽切前


8th June 2018  UP

13th June 2018 UP

ã??ã??ã??ã  é??é??ã??ã??ã  ç??æ ½ã  ä¸?浦å?¹æ¨¹å??ã  ä¸?æµ¦ã  è£?è²´

盆栽 五葉松 植え替え 三浦 裕貴氏 三浦培樹園

10th September 2018  UP  

äº?è??æ?¾ã  æ?¹ä½?ã  ä¸?浦å?¹æ¨¹å??ã  å?¼é ²ã  ã??ã?­ã??ã??



Please click the following image.You can see how Mr.Miura uses the bonsai tools.


盆栽 カットパスター剥がし

盆栽 鉢ホーキ掃除

盆栽 針金切

盆栽 針金外し

盆栽 幹掃除