How to order

You can order our tools by email .

Procedure is as follow;

1 ) Please tell me what you want to order .

    Please tell me your phone number , address and full name.


2 ) I calculate the total cost to you.


3) If you accept the total cost , I can send the "Paypal" page that you can pay
   by credit card .


    Of course , you can cancel the order if you don't accept the total cost.


4) I send the goods after your payment.

I can calculate the total cost even if you don't order .

Please feel free to email to me


As an example, let's assume that you want to order the following items:
Trimming Scissors (KANESHIN) " Length 200mm / Weight 276g" No.36  
Wire cutter (KANESHIN) " Length 190mm / Weight 222g" No.845

(1)Please choose whether you register as a member or not.

If you wish to register as a member, please click the following link to do so.

After registering you will receive an ID and password that you will use when ordering.

(There are three merits when you register yourself.)

There are three advantages to registering. 
1.) You will not need to re-enter all you information for future orders. 

2.) You will receive points to the value of 3% of your purchase value excluding shipping costs. 3 Points = 100 JPY, so ordering 10,000 yen?fs worth of tools will earn you 300 points. 

3.) All members will receive 300 points on registering.

(2)Please select the Add to Shopping Cart button.

bonsai how to order

(3)On the following page, please select the Continue to Check out button.

(4)Please select the following button.

(5)Please complete your personal information.

(6)Please choose Payment and Delivery method.

(7)Please make sure that your information is correct.

(8)When the following page is shown, your order is completed.

Please select the button to Pay by Paypal even if you select Credit card about the payment.

Even if you don't have a Paypal account, you can pay by credit card.



Your payment will be processed. 

We will dispatch goods to you upon confirmation of receipt of payment from you. 

Paypal is recommended as it is a simple way to pay.


You may of course pay by bank transfer. If you choose to use this method of payment, please pay into our account which is in the e-mail.

(9)Shipment Time

Upon confirmation of receipt of money, I will despatch goods via EMS. This should typically take about one or two week. Please refer to the link below as some shipments may take longer.


(10)Upon receipt of your goods, you may need to pay local taxes.

Taxes vary from country to country, for example:

As an example:,

1)A customer in France paid tax of about 30% of the value of the goods.
  He bought goods to the value of 40,000 Yen.
  He paid approximately 12,000 Yen in tax.

2)A customer in Italy paid tax of about 20% of the value of the goods.
  He bought goods to the value of 30000 Yen.
  He paid approximately 6000 Yen in tax.

3)An Australian customer however did not pay any tax as there is a 
  tax  exemption for goods under the value of A$1,000.

That's all.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

bonsai wholesale