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Oil stone "Weight 126g" No.SP1000

It is an oil stone for sharpening.
You can sharpen by applying oil to the scissors or this whetstone.
It can be used with water, but once it is dipped in oil, it cannot be used with water after that.

You can choose the grit size .

Small coarseness (grit size #320) No.5342

Middle coarseness (grit size #240) No.5341

I recommend No.5341 if you buy it at first.
No.5342 is a whetstone for finishing.
It is better if you use No.5342 after using No.5341. However, you can make sharp scissors without No.5342.

How to sharpen the scissors by using this products.

Item NameOil stone "Weight 126g" No.SP1000
Price3,100 YEN