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Aluminum Wire 500g "Weight 800g "

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500g roll of aluminum wire (2.0mm - 6.0mm) .

You can choose from the following diameter.


2.0mm / 2.3mm / 2.5 mm / 3.0 mm / 3.5mm /4.0mm / 4.5mm

5.0mm /5.5mm(Brown) / 6.0mm

Only 5.5mm is brown . After sold out , 5.5mm also become black.
Bonsai aluminum wire made in Japan

In case that you hope less than 1.8mm , please click the following image.

Bonsai craftsman "Mr.Hiroki Miura of Miura baijuen is wiring Kinzu.

The detail of Mr.Hiroki Miura

Before and after working kinzu by Mr.Hiroki Miura

The other works by Mr.Hiroki Miura





Item NameAluminum Wire 500g "Weight 800g "
Price1,100 YEN