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Re-potting Knife


Re-potting knife

You can remove the bonsai from by using this knife pot when you replant .

You can choose the size .

( Large No.65U )

Length                                 :    400mm
The part of saw               : 175mm
The part of Stainless       : 255mm
Handle of wood                   :    150mm
Price                                     :   2,970YEN

( Medium No.65V )

Length                                 :     350mm
The part of saw               : 120mm
The part of Stainless       : 205mm
Handle of wood                   :    150mm
Price                                    :   2,530YEN

( Small No.65W )

Length                                 :     250mm
The part of saw               :   50mm
The part of Stainless       : 120mm
Handle of wood                   :    130mm
Price                                    :   1,320YEN

Bonsai re-potting knife

This knife has softness .

Bonsai re-potting knife

Re-potting knife for bonsai

Re-potting knife for bonsai

Re-potting knife for bonsai

Item NameRe-potting Knife
Price2,970 YEN